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North Quincy Red Raiders
This will be updated and corrected before the season starts
and before the Thanksgiving Day Game.
Thursday November 22, 2015 @ Quincy
C = Captain
2015 Team Roster PDF Back Home
Name Number Position Year
Aidan Brown 'C' 24 WR/DB Senior
Conor Pound 'C' 77 LG/DE Senior
Derek Huynh 77 RT/NG Senior
Anthony Thornhill
75 OL/DL Senior
Bo Levine 57 OL/DL Senior
Christian Roman 9 WR/DB Senior
Connor Crammond 71 OL/DL Senior
Jack Ryder 64 OL/DB Senior
Jake Grady 41 OL/DL Senior
Brendan Chen 4 WR/DB Junior
Jake Petersen 18 WR/DB Senior
Jeremy Downey 34 RB/LB Senior
Joe Fallon 10 QB Senior
Joe Shuris 62 OL/DL Senior
Joe Zingg 69 OL/DL Senior
Joel Lawless 21 RB/LB Senior
John Le 23 WR/DB Senior
Seamus Broughton 74 LT/DL Senior
Tom Whooley 16 WR/DB Senior
Tom Koch 48 RB/LB Junior
Allen Daley 19 TE/DE Junior
Brendan Ganno 29 WR/DB Junior
Eric Huang 11 RB/DB Junior
Liam O'Conor 22 RB/DB Junior
Mike Oldham 63 OL/DL Junior
?Ryan Manning 55 OL/DE Junior
Alex Pham 13 RB/DB Sophomore
Anthony Taylor 70 OL/DL Sophomore
Brian Jackson 58 OL/DL Sophomore
Chris Donaghy
14 QB/DB Sophomore
Conor Donagy 2 WR/DB Sophomore
Dylan Malcolm 12 QB/LB Sophomore
Elmer Lainez 6 OL/DL Sophomore
Jeff Sulivan 66 OL/DL Sophomore
Jake Roos 51 TE/DD Sophomore
Devin Ganno 44 RB/DB Sophomore
Dara Griffin 15 K/RB/DB Sophomore
Josh Dangora ?? OL/DL Freshman
Alex Atanassov ?? RB/DB Freshman
Phillip Vu ?? WR/DB Freshman
Brady McGuiness ?? OL/DL Freshman
Tim Layden ?? QB/LB Freshman
Dimitri Dimtriou ?? RB/DB Freshman
Win Tran ?? TRB/DB Freshman
Joey Champagne ?? OL/DL Freshman
Joey Sands ?? OL/DL Freshman
Ty Finn ?? OL/DL Freshman
Danny Ferrera ?? QB/DB Freshman
Mike Golden ?? WR/DB Freshman
Ryan Kelson ?? WR/DB Freshman
Muhamed Shuman ?? OL/DL Freshman
Michael Ladas ?? LB Freshman
Eric Helmuth ?? LB Freshman
David Olcott ?? OL/DL Freshman
Albert Ortiz ?? OL/DL Freshman
Nathan Landaverde ?? LB Freshman
Keirnan O'Driscoll ?? TE/LB Freshman
Jonathan Knowles ?? WR/DE Sophomore
AJ Currie ?? OL/DL Freshman
Andrew Sullivan ?? OL/DL Freshman
Nathan Sleiman ??? RB/DB Freshman
???? ?? TE/DD Sophomore
??? ?? RB/DB Sophomore